What makes a global citizen

More and more young people are interested in travelling, learning about cultures and meeting new friends therefore more and more people want the Global Citizenship, but what are the values of a Global Citizen and what makes a person a Global Citizen?

In April 2020 Nina Brandt, who works for the United Nations in New York, was interviewed by Anette Frisch about the Global Citizenship in the „Sonderbeilage der Baden-Würtenberg Stiftung“ .

She answers the question what makes a person a Global Citizen. According to Nina Brandt, the citizenship is not about the National identity nor in how many countries someone has traveled. It is about the values that the Global Citizen should bring in like empathy, Kindness, understanding and interest in new cultures. You are a Global Citizen if you are ready to take responsibility for our planet, in which we should live together in peace and harmony. Unfortunately people in Europe still have to fight against right-winged parties, discrimination. and the strong separation between the society. Therefore, we should all show kindness to all people No matter what nationalities nor the looks. A global citizen should respect their people.

If you decide to become a global citizen you should be open to new cultures, people and countries. It means to be aware of the diversity and learn to love and celebrate it.

To learn to love the diversity young children should connect with children from different homes, cultures and religion. They should learn at the beginning that everyone is a person who deservesto be loved and respected We are the strongest in a society and should not be seperated, hateful and unrespectful to each other.


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