„Last Generation“ had a meeting

You have all probably heard about certain groups of people who have glued themselves to the street to protest against climate change.

This created a lot of chaos on the streets – for example, people could not go to work and ambulances could not get to the place of emergency.

Recently, different city mayors from Tübingen, Marburg and Hannover have met with the representatives of the organization called „Last Generation“ to discuss their demands.

The members of „Last Generation“ demanded that a citizen council is founded, which would then decide on Germany’s steps towards climate neutrality by 2030. In exchange, they would not start any more protest actions in those 3 cities (Marburg, Tübingen & Hannover).

It is not yet clear whether or not and how the mayors of the cities are going to respond to those demands.

However, at least a dialog is taking place, so that something might change for the better.


Tagesschau – „Letzte Generation“ – Erpressung oder Austausch

Picture is from Pixabay

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