Warning! Smombies in our streets

According to the dpa* more and more teenagers walk on the streets with their head down and texting or calling their friends or watching YouTube Videos. They turn into a smombie; an irresponsible person who looks on their phone, while going over a street.

„Calling, hearing music, use apps or texting messages can be a risky distraction in the traffic“, says Clemens Klinke from the Dekra-Vorstand. Especially in the year 2016 you see smombies almost everywhere.

Talking on phones or checking their Snapchat. For the pedestrian it is not forbidden but when a car driver looks on his/her phone she / he has to pay 60€ even though the most deaths in the traffic are caused by irresponsible behavior of pedestrians.

So what can you do to prevent any danger and save people in the traffic? Just be aware when you are going across the street and watch out for cars and other traffic drivers. Try not to be a smombie and always watch out.

*dpa – Deutsche-Presse-Agentur


Picture is from Pexels

Saarbrücker Zeitung – Vorsicht, Smombies unterwegs

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